Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Gospel, More Doing!

I promise you, some of the best people in your churches are getting tired. They don’t need another rah-rah pep talk. They don’t need to hear more statistics and more stories Sunday after Sunday about how bad everything is in the world. They need to hear about Christ’s death and resurrection. They need to hear how we are justified by faith apart from works of the law. They need to hear the old, old story once more. Because the secret of the gospel is that we actually do more when we hear less about all we need to do for God and hear more about all that God has already done for us.

Kevin DeYoung

--HT: Between Two Worlds


dora said...

God has done all for us.


I think some Christians get confused with being justified by faith, and faith without works is dead.

The difference is one is before salvation, the other after.

It tells us in Psalm 78v4 to tell our children the praises of the Lord and of His wonderful works.

I just wonder what it is we will tell them.

If we focus on God, what we tell them will be wonderful.

For God is wonderful.

Jeff said...

Amen, Dora!

Thank you for your comments.