Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Scary Video We All Need to Watch

And why, pray tell, are we not hearing anything about this from our political or religious leaders?

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Richly Deserved Chains

So now, the Iowa attorney general says, "We must live by and follow what the courts decide" -- after the Iowa Supremist Court tried to overrule the divinely ordained order of marriage between one man and one woman. Not content with that mockery, this elected official is now threatening county workers with lawsuits if they do not abdicate their consciences and go along with this tyranny.

And no one seems to care what is happening to our freedom to make our own laws through our own elected officials

Really? We "must live by and follow what the courts decide?" If the Iowa Supremist Court decided you had to hold a loaded gun to your head and pull the trigger, would you "live by and follow what the courts decide?"

Do we even recognize the voice of tyrants any longer? Tyrants are ruling us now -- they are just wearing black robes and pretending to be high priests of a profane holy order that worships the human wisdom that is foolishness to God. (I Cor. 1:25)

If we go along with this tyranny like cows, then we richly deserve the chains which will surely bind us and our children before long.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Moment De Toqueville Spoke of Has Arrived

The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.

~ Alexis de Tocqueville (1835)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Gospel of Satan vs. The True Gospel of God -- Can You Tell the Difference?

A terrific piece from A.W. Pink spells out for us what the false gospel of Satan looks and sounds like. This false gospel "aims to make this world such a comfortable and congenial habitat that Christ's absence from it will not be felt, and God will not be needed." It "appeals to the best that is within."

Ouch! Where have you heard this false gospel lately?

Where have you NOT heard it lately?

The gospel of Satan is not a system of revolutionary principles, nor yet a program of anarchy. It does not promote strife and war, but aims at peace and unity. It seeks not to set the mother against her daughter nor the father against his son, but fosters the fraternal spirit whereby the human race is regarded as one great “brotherhood.” It does not seek to drag down the natural man, but to improve and uplift him. It advocates education and cultivation and appeals to “the best that is within - It aims to make this world such a comfortable and congenial habitat that Christ’s absence from it will not be felt and God will not be needed. It endeavors to occupy man so much with this world that he has no time or inclination to think of the world to come. It propagates the principles of self-sacrifice, charity and benevolence, and teaches us to live for the good of others, and to be kind to all. It appeals strongly to the carnal mind and is popular with the masses, because it ignores the solemn facts that by nature man is a fallen creature, alienated from the life of God, and dead in trespasses and sins, and that his only hope lies in being born again.

HT: Slaughter of the Sheep

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Idolatry of Obama-Worship in America

Ellis Washington has a must-read but very sobering column on the gross idolatry being practiced by millions worshipping the Great Obama. Read his column, "Thou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Graven Image"here.

There is no doubt that Obama is the false idol of many. This man believes he has been elected Chairman of the World, not just president of these United States. The staggering responsibility of being commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation on earth is too paltry to suit his giant-sized Marxist ego. It is nothing for such a narcissistic egomaniac to fire the head of the largest U.S. automaker. Somebody should tell him that “leader of the free world” is an honorary title, not a real one.

Marxists like Obama simply do not think the same way ordinary citizens like you and me think. They think about only one thing: “How can I gain more power today? How can I lie, cheat and steal? It doesn’t matter what I have to do – it just has to work. Crisis, calamity, connivance, chicanery – I can use them all.” There is no fear of God before their eyes, only the unbridled lust for power.

Amazingly, as Washington's article point out, Obama’s impudence daily grows more and more brazen, yet almost no one even speaks out, let alone stands up, to stop him. This open display of arrogance, lawlessness and greed, and the devastation it will surely wreak on this country, can only be the beginning of God’s judgment on America that is described in Romans chapter one.

May God have mercy on our country, and may we return to Him hastily and in genuine repentance.