Thursday, February 12, 2009

The False Religion of Postmodernism is Literally Killing Us

Our new President, B. Hussein Obama is Exhibit A, as correctly pointed out by Chuck Colson:

The only way to explain it [the president's statement, "There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being"] is to understand the intellectual environment, called postmodernism, in which President Obama and his peers have been raised. Generations of Americans have now been taught that truth is subjective. You have your truth, I have mine. And, even worse, I can’t “inflict” my version of truth on you. The law of non-contradiction has been suspended.

So politicians . . . can take two completely opposing positions at the same time: like believing that no God condones the taking of innocent life and at the same time, condoning—even promoting—the taking of an innocent life.

The problem isn’t simply President Obama and his views on life; the problem is a postmodern culture which believes that truth is merely a matter of opinion, and that therefore the sanctity of innocent human life is simply an expression of one viewpoint among many.

I have argued for the last 20 years that postmodernism would lead to the unraveling of our society. The fact that so few noticed the contradiction in what the President said and the policies he pursues tells me that we’re far along in the unraveling process.

Indeed, postmodernism is not just unraveling our society, it is killing us. Literally.


Lori said...

The unravelling has begun, and only a revival across the nation can mend it again. When there are no absolute truths, everything is up for grabs by those who are most persuasive. This alone should return us to our knees.

Shark Food said...

Amen, Lori!