Thursday, November 13, 2008

Republican Party Is Conservative? Don't Make Me Laugh

Just in case anyone needed convincing that George Bush, John McCain, and the Republican Party are anything but conservative, this horrifying post-election writeup by Michelle Malkin should do the trick:

I hope Barack Obama remembered to thank George Bush on behalf of his illegal alien aunt this week. The lame-duck Republican president did the Democratic president-elect a generous -- and dangerous -- favor right before Election Day: Putting politics above homeland security, the Bush administration ordered immigration authorities across the country to halt all deportation enforcement actions until the campaign season was over.

According to my sources, the Bush administration issued a 72-hour cease-and-desist order to all fugitive apprehension teams to spare Obama embarrassment over his Kenyan half-aunt, Zeituni Onyango.

The rest of this horror story is here.

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