Friday, May 23, 2008

True Faith Is:

Many thanks to Ingrid at Slice of Laodicea for this wonderful definition of true faith:

True faith is a cordial belief of the divine record concerning the admirable suitableness of Christ Jesus as a Savior to all the cases and wants of sinners . . .

Christ is altogether lovely, or exceedingly desirable, for He is exquisitely suitable. If we are by nature dead in sin, He is life; if we are lost sinners, He is the Savior; if we are sick, and sick unto death, He is the Physician; if we are the captives of sin and Satan, He is the almighty Redeemer; if we are under the power and tyranny of strong corruptions, or deceitful and imperious lusts that we are utterly unable of ourselves to conquer, He is the almighty King. Are we naked? Christ has a robe of righteousness to clothe us. Are we poor? He has gold tried in the fire to enrich us. Are we spiritually blind? He has eye-salve for us. Are we hungry and thirsty? He is the bread of life and the water of life. Are we prisoners? He says to the prisoners, “Go forth.” Are we ready to stray from the right path? He is a Leader and Commander. If we have been overcome and oppressed by our spiritual enemies, Christ is the Captain of our salvation who will teach our hands to war and our fingers to fight, and so lead us forth to victory. If we are by nature unholy, He is made unto us sanctification; and if we are disquieted and disconsolate, He is the Consolation of Israel. The Lord Jesus Christ and His great salvation, then, are every way adapted to the various cases and wants of our souls. As a compassionate Savior, He is suitable even in an infinite degree. None in heaven or upon earth, besides Him, can supply every want of our souls and save them with a complete and everlasting salvation. Now genuine faith is a spiritual discernment and an affecting belief of His infinite suitableness as a Savior to sinners, and to us in particular.”

–John Colquhoun, A View of Saving Faith, 1824


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